Report environmental crime anonymously

Report environmental crime

Please read the following tips on anonymous reporting.

When you click on “FILL IN YOUR REPORT” you will be redirected to the secure online reporting system of Crime Stoppers International.

How does online reporting to CSI work?

  • Your tip is being processed in a secure environment and the information you provide is encrypted. Only our call center staff has the key and can read your tip.
  • We select in the information you provided the facts law enforcement need to have to investigate the case. We carefully select this, so no information what could possibly lead to you is passed on.
  • After we have processed your tip all information is deleted.
  • We have no IP-addresses. Nobody can trace your computer.

Is my report always passed on?

No. We do not pass on your information if:

  • We are not sure we can protect you anonymity.
  • The tip is not about the crime areas of CSI.
  • The tip consists of little or no facts. Law enforcement and other investigators need to know facts to be able to investigate the information you provided. So when you fill out the form give us as much details as you can.

How do you protect my anonymity?

  • We have all technical measures and procedures in place to protect your anonymity, e.g.
  • we do not have your IP-address.
  • the data you provide is encrypted and only our call center staff has the key.
  • If your online tip might include information that possibly could lead to you, we leave out those details when we report the tip to our partners. We have qualified staff to see to it all the time.

What can I do to protect my identity?

  • Use an up-to-date browser and operating system.
  • Use a virusscanner, a firewall and anti spyware.
  • Open your browser in a private window.
  • Clear your history after you made the tip to us.
  • Talk to no one about the fact you made a tip.
  • If you suspect your computer might be hacked use a computer in a public area like an internet cafe or a library.
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